Easily create charts on Android

charts.kt is a multiplatform comprehensive API that allows you to create charts within a few lines of code for your Android, desktop or web application.

Make the most of your application

charts.kt is designed for performance, it can manage millions of records.

Customize your charts

charts.kt offers several themes for your needs (light, dark, glow…) but the whole result is totally and easily customisable.

Be productive

Based on Kotlin, charts.kt is statically typed so your code editor can helps with completion, allowing you to create your charts in a few minutes.

why charts.kt

Need some charts for your Kotlin project ?

Our multiplatform API charts.kt offers you the best solution for any project: Android, desktop or web application.

Build your charts directly from your data.

charts.kt is strongly typed and will help you to build a visualization based on your data, there is no need to “export” or modify your domain objects, enjoy auto-completion inside our own API.

Fast track integration.

charts.kt manages default configuration for your charts: sizing, padding, colors, formatting… so you can use build complex charts in a dozen lines of code.

road map

Version 0.1

    • 2D charts: column, bar
    • Continuous series
  • version 0.2

    • Sizing
    • Responsive layout
    • Automatic padding
    • Category series
  • version 0.3

    • More 2D charts: plot, line, curve, area, bubble, stream
    • Multiple series management
    • Automatic axes
  • version 0.4 (current)

    • Time series
    • Display stacked series or percentages
    • Automatic legend
    • 2 color themes and automatic palette picking
  • version 0.5

    • Radial charts: pie, sunburst, donut, radar, spiral…
    • Basic chart annotations
    • More axes options (formatting, sensible scaling, …)
    • Scientific colors scales (continuous, diverging, categorical)
  • version 0.6

    • Chart interactivity
    • Automatic tooltip
    • Tree charts: simple tree, treemap, radial treemap…
  • version 0.7

    • Built-in grouping, filtering and mathematical functions
  • version 0.8

    • Advanced chart annotations
    • iOS version
    • More specific charts: gauges, error bars, bullet, boxplot
  • version 0.9

    • More specific charts: bell curve, pareto, pyramid, sankey, scatter, variwide

Version 1.0

    • Tilemaps with various layouts: honeycomb, diamond, circle…
    • More specific charts: vector plots, word cloud, x-range