We think people need visualizations to understand the world and its complexity.

We build tools, create visualizations and help international organizations, industries and services to communicate through visualizations.

Our libraries support Kotlin developers publishing charts and analytics applications on Android, the Web and desktop.

The Charts.kt founding team

Our story

Analytics realtime visualization application made by data2viz

We started in 2017 by creating an open-source data visualization library: data2viz.

At the beginning of 2018, we founded the company in Geneva, using the library’s name. We started to work with different customers creating data visualizations based on the open-source library.

We rapidly identify the need for a high-level charting library, so we began working on Charts.kt at the end of 2018.

Version 1.0 of Charts.kt is launched at the beginning of 2021.

What they say about us

Gaetan was among the very early enthusiasts of Kotlin, and one of the first to adopt Kotlin's multiplatform abilities. I'm happy to see Data2viz mature and wish the team the best of luck!

Andrey Breslav

Kotlin language first lead designer

If you want to easily visualize data, render responsive charts in mobile, web, and even desktop applications, Charts.kt is for you! Truly made with passion by awesome and talented people.

Agnès Crepet

Head of software longevity @Fairphone
Co-founder @Ninja Squad

The Data2viz team has been at the forefront of Kotlin multiplatform development since its inception, their charting API is truly inspiring.

Sébastien Deleuze

Spring Framework committer
Kotlin Google Developer Expert

Data2viz folks leverage their long experience with Kotlin to make reliable software, that is also fun and easy to use correctly.

Louis CAD

Kotlin Google Developer Expert

Our expertise

We are early adopters of the Kotlin language, starting to use it in our backend and frontend projects as soon as 2013.

Our open source library was one of the earliest multiplatform Kotlin projects, it leads us to give talks in the first two Kotlinconf in San Francisco and Amsterdam.