5 minutes tour

try charts.kt in our online code editor

Browse existing code samples on our playground website and run it directly from your browser.

Fork any code and test it in a few seconds.

It’s a speedy way to discover the library’s features and give you the first understanding of its capabilities.

No matter the targeted platform (Android, Browser, Desktop), the rendering will be the same.

Try the playground

30 minutes tour

use the latest EAP version in your project

Do you need a deeper understanding of the library? Do you want to try it in your IDE and see how it integrates into your project?

Use the latest EAP version of the library. It’s available on our public repository and ready to be integrated into your builds.

The best way to start with the library is then to start with our platform tutorials:

Note: The library’s EAP version is for test purposes only and contains logs and a watermark.

The grand tour

get a license

Do you want to test the latest published version and integrate it into your application? Please get a developer license.

You’ll get the credentials to download the latest versions without a watermark.

If you get a paid license, you have 30 days to change your mind and get a complete and unconditional refund.